CryptoCycle™ is aiming to raise £600,000 investment to develop and validate the technology. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign with a raise target of £200,000.

If you’re an institutional investor or a private investor, please contact Duncan Midwood CEO for more information by emailing or calling 07875 749235.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.


Crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube

We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. If you’re interested in signing up and hearing more about the launch please complete the form below;


Revolutionise recycling with blockchain technology that makes recycling on-the-go easy and rewarding.

CryptoCycle is determined to revolutionise the on-the-go recycling consumer behaviour around soft drinks. The brand has developed a high-end tech and a reward process aiming to deliver UK’s largest consumer loyalty program and a game-changing data and communications opportunity for soft drinks brands

Imagine if you could recycle your beverage bottle on the street corner instead of just binning it or taking it to a designated facility AND be rewarded via a phone app for doing so. By using blockchain technology to track individual plastic bottles Reward4Waste will revolutionise recycling. Incentivising consumers to recycle; making it easier, more convenient and rewarding, and providing a valuable source of clean waste plastic for manufacturers to recycle.


  • Major corporations have aligned themselves behind this revolution
  • Completely secure thanks to Adapted Blockchain Technology
  • The technology has been validated by many experts and 3rd parties
  • Provides access to the out-of-home channel for the 1st time in history

The Idea

We’re introducing our blockchain-based app-driven technology to drive Circular Economy effectiveness. While there are multiple applications for our technology, our first application is set to transform Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) across the World

Globally 500bn plastic drinks bottles are produced p.a. & 70% escape recycling – ending as litter & polluting our rivers & oceans

DRS is the only tool that’s proven to capture 90+% of single-use drink containers. It’s currently operating in 22 countries & is committed for the UK (subject to consultation). Within 10 years we estimate 80 countries will have a DRS. All 22 systems use a conventional DRS – these are costly (£800M p.a. for the UK), are vulnerable to fraud & lead to questionable recycling rates

CryptoCycle has developed a new & disruptive approach to DRS using uniquely coded containers & blockchain that eliminates fraud completely, with estimated savings for the UK of £400M p.a. & changes consumer behaviour by rewarding them for recycling. We’ve developed & patented a process that uses existing bin infrastructure, extends to home recycling & offers insight into drinks consumption post-retail.

The concept has been evaluated by 100’s of stakeholders including DEFRA, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Britvic & many others.

We need your investment now to complete & validate the solution, ensuring it is selected as the basis for the UK’s DRS.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.


The Team

It all started February 2018 at a Quiz Night in our village hall when Tony was listening in to Duncan’s wife and a mutual friend, Nick, talking about the problem with recycling plastic bottles. Tony, who had recently completed a blockchain course at Oxford University, at once realised that he knew how to solve the problem and got with Duncan to develop the concept. In May 2018 CryptoCycle was born! A month later our first patent was filed and since then we have been developing our solution and talking to everyone in the drinks and waste industries, as well as the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments. ALL our very excited and are keen for us to validate our solution via trials.

  • Duncan Midwood, a graduate engineer, has had a successful career in product & process development in blue chip and start-up technology companies. He worked at PepsiCo as R&D Director and for the last 8 years led the UK division of a listed German company.
  • Tony McGurk has had 40 years in IT and now chairs his own company who manage IT systems for JCB, one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers. Tony is a founding member of the Oxford Blockchain Foundation and a member of the British Blockchain Association. He has won awards for his blockchain concepts and is well regarded in this field.

Both Tony & Duncan are highly entrepreneurial but have those rare additional commodities of experience & extensive corporate know-how.