CryptoCycle is currently looking for £400,000 of investment to develop the technology and trial Reward4Waste.

If you’re an institutional investor or a private investor, please contact Duncan Midwood CEO for more information by emailing or calling 07875 749235


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Revolutionise recycling with blockchain technology that makes recycling on-the-go easy and rewarding.

CryptoCycle is determined to revolutionise the on-the-go recycling consumer behaviour around soft drinks. The brand has developed a high-end tech and a reward process aiming to deliver UK’s largest consumer loyalty program and a game-changing data and communications opportunity for soft drinks brands

Imagine if you could recycle your beverage bottle on the street corner instead of just binning it or taking it to a designated facility AND be rewarded via a phone app for doing so. By using blockchain technology to track individual plastic bottles Reward4Waste will revolutionise recycling. Incentivising consumers to recycle; making it easier, more convenient and rewarding, and providing a valuable source of clean waste plastic for manufacturers to recycle.


  • Major corporations have aligned themselves behind this revolution
  • Completely secure thanks to Adapted Blockchain Technology
  • The technology has been validated by many experts and 3rd parties
  • Provides access to the out-of-home channel for the 1st time in history

The Idea

Plastic waste disposal is a global concern. There are many initiatives addressing the problem, yet there’s still a significant job we need to do. The opportunity to profit by helping the planet is huge – in the UK alone there are around 25 billion soft drink bottles and cans sold every year. With an estimated average deposit of 10p, this delivers £2.5bn of deposit revenue each year.

1.2 million single-use plastic bottles are produced every minute. In 2017, a report by the BBC stated that of the 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic produced worldwide, 79% is wasted. This means that 6.5 billion tonnes of plastic is discarded in landfills, our environment and our oceans every year.

Deposit return schemes (DRS) using a reverse vending machine (RVM) are used in over 22 countries and are well-established way to reduce the problem of single-use plastic bottles but current DRS are costly, inconvenient and vulnerable to fraud.

Aiming to tackle critical environmental problems, CryptoCycle has developed a unique technology that delivers a highly beneficial Deposit Return Scheme solution. A solution, which will reduce litter dumping by giving various incentives to people who return their used plastic containers.

Reward4Waste will eliminate the issue of fraud, each bottle has a unique code, and dramatically increase recycling rates by making it easy and rewarding to recycle. CryptoCycle’s™ patented Smartphone Activated Return Scheme (SPARS) technology means that any designated bin can become a RVM, dramatically reducing the cost of each unit there could be one on every street corner. When out-and-about you simply scan your bottle and the RVM on the Reward4waste app to be rewarded for recycling.

CryptoCycle has a strong potential to transform the effectiveness of the disposal of plastic/bottles/cans in the UK’s government DRS with an innovative approach (“Reward4Waste”) based on adapted blockchain technology – a method that provides fast and flexible data storage and manipulation in a fraud-free manner. Another distinctive feature of R4W is the bottle identification system. Unlike the conventional barcode system, the brand uses unique, encrypted QR codes, which are expected to prevent frauds worth £25-50mn.  With estimated 30-35mn membership, R4W is expected to be UK’s biggest reward program.

CryptoCycle seeks investment to take the development of R4W through desktop validation and local trials.

By investing in CryptoCycle™, you or your company will be involved in this innovative and pioneering project that will help end the UK and the world’s battle against single-use plastic.


The Team

The idea for CryptoCycle came from an evening at a village quiz night. Tony McGurk (Co-Founder) had just attended a blockchain course at Oxford University and was sitting next to the wife of Duncan Midwood (co-Founder), who works for a plastic bottle manufacturer, and a Director of Britvic Soft Drinks.

They were discussing the challenge of recycling plastic bottles and Tony saw the opportunity to use blockchain and individual bottle coding. Tony and Duncan came up with the idea and saw the huge potential in the concept which was later patented.

  • Tony McGurk runs his own IT company, providing the IT systems for Britain’s second largest manufacturing company.
  • A graduate Mechanical Engineer, Duncan Midwood was leading the UK division of an international digital print company and has had a background in blue chip and start-up businesses.

Three directors currently own 100% of the company.