CryptoCycle™ is aiming to raise £600,000 investment to develop and validate the technology. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign with a raise target of £200,000.

If you’re an institutional investor or a private investor, please contact Duncan Midwood CEO for more information by emailing or calling 07875 749235.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.


Crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube

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Revolutionise recycling with blockchain technology that makes recycling on-the-go easy and rewarding.

Imagine if you could recycle your beverage bottle on the street corner instead of just binning it or taking it to a designated facility AND be rewarded via a phone app for doing so.

By using blockchain technology to track individual plastic bottles Reward4Waste will revolutionise recycling. Incentivising consumers to recycle; making it easier, more convenient and rewarding, and providing a valuable source of clean waste plastic for manufacturers to recycle.

The Idea

1.2 million single-use plastic bottles are produced every minute. In 2017, a report by the BBC stated that of the 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic produced worldwide, 79% is wasted. This means that 6.5 billion tonnes of plastic is discarded in landfills, our environment and our oceans every year.

Deposit return schemes (DRS) using a reverse vending machine (RVM) are used in over 22 countries and are well-established way to reduce the problem of single-use plastic bottles but current DRS are costly, inconvenient and vulnerable to fraud.

Reward4Waste will eliminate the issue of fraud, each bottle has a unique code, and dramatically increase recycling rates by making it easy and rewarding to recycle. CryptoCycle’s™ patented Smartphone Activated Return Scheme (SPARS) technology means that any designated bin can become a RVM, dramatically reducing the cost of each unit there could be one on every street corner. When out-and-about you simply scan your bottle and the RVM on the Reward4waste app to be rewarded for recycling.

By investing in CryptoCycle™, you or your company will be involved in this innovative and pioneering project that will help end the UK and the world’s battle against single-use plastic.

Our Team

The team at CryptoCycle™ are diverse in their specialities but united in creating transparent tracking solutions delivered with blockchain technology.

Tony McGurk (Founder and CTO)

With an extensive and strong technical background and entrepreneurial spirit, Tony has nearly 40 years of experience n the IT industry. He has previously managed multi-million-pound outsourcing contracts and has a track record of designing and delivering a host of applications that have been commercially used worldwide.  Tony is an alumnus of the University of Oxford Said Business School, a founding member of the Oxford Blockchain Foundation and a member of the British Blockchain Association (BBA).

Duncan Midwood (Founder and CEO)

Duncan has a first-class degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol and has led a successful career working with tech start-ups. His career history involves working technically in PepsiCo, as the R&D director at Walkers Crisps and equivalent business Simba in South Africa and through to Commercial Director at McCormick and finally Managing Director of CEWE, leading the company through major growth. With a career that has demonstrated sharp intellect and a creative and dynamic approach to business Duncan chose to focus 100% on CryptoCycle in September 2018.

Simon Ireson (Head of Projects)

With almost 30 years of working within Blue Chip FMCG organisations including 7 years with Britvic, Simon brings extensive experience of confidently delivering significant IT and business change programmes of up to $10m.  Simon has noteworthy experience of manufacturing systems and processes, extensive work in all aspects of delivering product into retail environments, a rare ability to explain in simple terms complex issues and to galvanise diverse teams to deliver in challenging environments.